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KHEAA Verify

Every year the U.S. Department of Education selects random FAFSA applications for a process called verification and requires schools to confirm the information on the FAFSA.

You can find all verification documents by signing in at KHEAA Verify. All forms and documentation should be completed and submitted to KHEAA Verify as soon as possible. KHEAA Verify will contact you if the documents received are incomplete or if more information is needed to complete the process. Students and parents should contact KHEAA Verify with questions about the receipt of their documents or the status of their verification. Call 1.855.272.8771 to speak with a member of the KHEAA Verify team.

You can find helpful videos about KHEAA Verify and document uploading on Youtube.

Requesting a Tax Return Transcript

You can get a tax return transcript online or by mail.

If you want to receive text messages about your verification, text VERIFY to 855.272.8771.

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